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Never took the time to write a proper bio here, despite the fact I've been using LJ for yeaaars..... I'm a french girl, and I can speak english & japanese (with mistakes, very sadly). Feel free to ask anything !

Okay, I'm gonna try to write something, 7 years after creating this LJ...
I'm a french girl, currently at the end of my studies (or so I hope), studing english and japanese.
I love reading (I always have a book in my bag), sleeping (I really sleep too much...) and drawing (even it I'm pretty bad at it xD). Err, what can I add...

I love watching american TV Shows (such as Supernatural, Glee, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, and so much more) as well a some british ones (yeah, Doctor Who addict spotted !). I'm also very into japanese dramas, kamen riders, and I even started sentai recently... I love serious stuff, but I also need light-funny stuff to clear my head and I think that japanese tokusatsu are PERFECT for that !

For the "japanese" part, I'm very into Arashi (but even if they're my favorite japanese band, I'm not an HARDCORE FAN as you can sometimes see...) and other bands like Greeeen, SPYAIR, etc (too lazy to make a list actually xD just ask !). During my year in Japan I discovered Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru and became a fan, like, immediately xD. And they're still my favorites japaneses actors nowadays. Sometimes after that (a year or two), a friend told me "do you know they're part of the Amuse agency ?" and it was all over for me... So yeah, now I'm a biiiig fan of other Amuse talents, as Uehara Takuya, Mizuta Koki or Sakurada Dori (and I'm not gonna list them all again xD but the list is growing, sadly).
More recently I became fan of Suda Masaki too. I was watching Kamen Rider W, and was VERY into it, and before even realizing it (seriously), I was a big fan of Suda... And now I think I can't deny he's probably in my top 3.

Anyway, I also love japan for its culture, and I've been studing japanese for over 6 years now. I'm supposed to have a good level, but I lost a lot of it sadly, not using it enough during the last 2 years. I love english too, and I'm not writing enough so I started some entries in english too, in an attempt to improve it.

WELL, what can I add more ? (I feel like I said too much crap)
Oh yeah. I love cosplaying to, making my own costumes, because I love sewing.

I'm a normal girl, and yeah I can talk of other things that cosplay or japanese guys !

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